Keeping Wedding Costs Low

From the music in your ears to the shoes under your dress. The world of weddings is huge. And the options are endless. Even from the day he pops the question you will receive advice from everyone you know and even people you don’t. A few things should never be thrown to the side such as the vows, venue, and of course the bride’s and groom’s vision for the day. Not all details need to make it. 

These shoes weren’t made for walking. All guest come to see you and your fiancé exchange those heartfelt words and place rings on hands, but lets get real your guests aren’t looking at your feet. In fact the majority of the day no one even knows if your wearing shoes. So go for something you don’t mind spending the day in and leave the diamond studded nine-inch heels in the store. It can help your budget and save your feet. You’re going to kick them off when the dancing starts anyways. 

Next; the food. Other then the vows these are the two things your guests will remember the most. They can also take most of your budget. Some websites will tell you that you have to have the most regal food but not all weddings are fish, chicken, or prime rib anymore. And if those aren’t your favorite foods then why serve them? If you and your fiancé love breakfast for dinner most caterers will make bacon and pancakes that your guests will crave again. A real trend blooming is stations. From pasta to tacos, mashed potatoes, and shrimp and grits. Your taste buds, your desire.

Music and entertainment. This can set the mood for the evening but doesn’t have to cost the same as a house. Bands can play lots of songs but might always have the same sound. While DJs might talk a lot more then a band. Don’t go with the cheapest or your main singer might be telling unfunny jokes all night. Look for a professional person or band that has done more then a couple of weddings. Reviews are always something to check. 

Finally, sweet desserts. Every bride has envisioned a 4 tier, smooth, covered in fondant flowers cake to end her beautiful day. But is all that cake really worth it? The dessert bar is skyrocketing but not just for option purposes. After appetizers and a large meal most guests aren’t hungry enough for a big slice of cake. Ending with a lot of cake left over. Unless your wanting to eat cake for months a small cake and dessert bar can keep costs low and the take away lower. In the end your vision is the way you should go.