Signature Drink Tips

Signature Wedding Drinks

Image from Etsy WeddingsbyJamie

Adding a little pizzazz to your special day can be fun! There are so many options when it comes to signature drinks. From classics like the old fashion and margarita to unique combinations like the earl grey marTEAnie and adding cotton candy to champagne for new flavor and color. You can even customize a drink to fit your perfect day.

Have it tell a story. Every love story is unique and priceless your drinks should be the same. Perhaps your first date was going to the movies and you shared a coke, coke and crown would represent the little things that are special between the bride and groom.

It should have the right look. A drink is an accessory and should add a little something to every guest. Garnishes are key. If the wedding is held at a classical vineyard, fruity sangria with a sugarcoated grape could help the guests connect with their surroundings. Maybe a rustic romance theme, spiked lemonade served in mason jars will always be hit.

Make it simple. A lot of ingredients can make a drink tastier but in the long run it can take up time, extra money, and become a hassle for bartenders. If your hoping for your guests to be able to have more then one it doesn’t need to be over done. As exciting as three kinds of liquor in one glass can be, it may not be the relaxing feels your hoping for and a little too much alcohol for some. Keep it simple and fresh so your guests will be asking for more!

Tastes test it. Research drinks and take your partner to a bar you trust to have a bartender make a few to try. Just like sampling cakes, or food, drinks should be tested out as well. Or try it at home. Choose flavors and alcohols you enjoy, add your own twist and invent a new concoction. Most of all have fun with it. This should be a fun experience for both. Take a sip!